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Baby Massage


We offer a 5 weeks one-to-one course, in the comfort of your own home or here  in Woking.

Each class will last 50-60 minutes

If during the classes your baby needs feeding, gets tired or needs changing nappies, it is ok. We will stop as baby’s needs come first.

You will receive a free bottle of oil on your first class!!




I offer one-to-one classes in the comfort of your own home or here in Woking "because group classes might not suit everybody".
The course is a 12 hour full antenatal programme running in 2 full days weekend (with lunch break of course) or in four 3hours evenings (Thursdays or Fridays).

This course is also offered as a refresher for those who had a previous Hypnobirth (usually a 4hour course).

Full course is £390 and £190 for refresher course.
Once you have booked your place and agreed on dates, you will receive a CD and The Hypnobirthing book to start reading prior your first class.
You will have my support by phone or email, during the pregnancy and after your baby is born.
I also offer this course in Spanish!


Baby Yoga


The baby yoga classes are designed in a 5 steps programme with weekly sessions to allow you to practice and master the techniques at home.

These classes are one-to-one sessions in your home or here in Woking.  

I will show you the yoga movements using my doll, singing and making the class fun and enjoyable for all of you. The classes are always baby led, so baby needs come first.

Each class last 50-60 minutes with the course 5 weeks in length.

We offer two levels of baby yoga classes: the beginner yoga class and the advanced baby yoga.

It is around 20 weeks old, most babies will be ready to move from beginner yoga to more advanced sessions.



Acupuncture for Women

This is dependent on individual needs and assessment. Please contact me for pricing details